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6 Alarming Effects of Tobacco to Your Body


For those who don’t know what tobacco does to health, you are going to be surprised. There is not a single thing that will result in smoking cigarettes. It is pretty addictive and some think it actually relieves stress. The truth is it is far from that because it causes a lot of health concerns. Here are some of the facts you may not know regarding what tobacco does to health:

Erectile Dysfunction

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you can say goodbye to having children. Whoever your wife is must accept the fact that you prioritize smoking tobacco over having a family in the future. Unfortunately, blood flow must go to the blood vessels and smoking will restrict that. Thus, better avoid smoking if you want to have a big family. Imagine the embarrassment if your sex organ refuses to cooperate at a time when you want to do it the most. You are going to have to get used to it especially if you get used to smoking a lot of cigarettes.

High Cholesterol

You will have a bigger chance of getting a heart attack if you smoke frequently. Yes, smoking lowers the amount of cholesterol in your body. There is a reason why you can’t donate blood if you smoke a lot of cigarettes. Just when you thought you stayed away from fatty foods, that will be deemed useless when you decide to smoke a lot.

Smelly Clothes

When tobacco smell sticks to your clothes, it is going to cause a very bad smell. As a result, you will notice some people would not want to be around you anymore. The same goes for going to smoking areas because secondhand smoke can also get to your hair. You will be forced to shower right away after going to those places.

Wrinkly Skin

If you are the type of person who is afraid to age fast, then you better avoid smoking at all costs. It is going to cause your skin to be wrinkled at such an early age especially if you smoke quite often. You won’t like the looks on your skin when you look in the mirror. As a result, you may end up looking ten years older. In fact, you maybe 30 years old but your skin will make other people think you are already a senior citizen. Those are not the types of comments you would want to hear from people you just met.

Yellow Fingernails

You don’t need to go to the manicurist to turn your fingernails into yellow. It is not a good sign and it will be hard to turn it back to normal. In fact, you will become the odd one out among your group when they see that your fingers have turned yellow.

Non-stop Coughing

When you cough too many times, the people around you are going to be quite irritated. They may even think you are intentionally coughing. Some will even make fun of it and you have nobody to blame but yourself. You must stop smoking as it will result in your throat getting itchy. You are going to be frustrated when the usual meds won’t work. No matter how much medicine you take, you won’t get rid of the persistent coughing if you won’t stop smoking. There are a lot of healthy alternatives to smoking so better choose wisely. How about candy or chewing gum? You will even think of positive things when you do those things.

Another nice alternative would be brushing your teeth. You would be surprised at how you won’t be craving for tobacco anymore after you brush your teeth. The best part is you will even have clean teeth. Whatever you do, don’t ever assume that vaping is a good alternative to smoking. In fact, it is going to cause a lot of health issues as well. Vaping companies will tell you that it is healthier than smoking but that really depends on who you talk to. It would be better to avoid both habits altogether so you can look towards a healthy future for you and your family. Besides, if your children inhale your secondhand smoke, then that would be bad for their future.


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