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The 10 Most Popular Health Concepts in the Media


Health care has become very important in people’s lives in the last twenty years and its influence is growing. Health and media have come together to make people more informed about what is best for their body and mind.

The media are in charge of spreading different concepts of health, which may or may not be true, but we must recognize that they have a great influence on our lives. Therefore, it is convenient to analyze each concept of health that is disseminated by the media and determine if they are true or not. Next, we will analyze the 10 most widespread health concepts in recent years.

To get in Shape You have to Train Very Hard

That’s a lie. To start getting in shape it’s enough to walk 30 minutes every day and then you can do more cardio to keep the weight off. After that, everyone can choose or not to train hard to beautify the body.

You Have to Sleep 8 Hours Every Night

8 hours of sleep would be ideal for a proper rest of the body and mind. Although each person can have their own rhythm of sleep. Some need up to 10 hours of sleep to feel good, while others only need 6 hours to be well-rested.

The Best Way to Stop Smoking is to do it Suddenly

The truth is that many people have indeed quit smoking for good from one day to the next. They felt comfortable with that extreme change and quit for good. Others, however, do not have the willpower to quit so quickly. Those who smoke should not be afraid to ask for help from the corresponding institutions to eradicate this habit, which is so dangerous that it harms their quality of life in every way. Milk is the healthiest food there is

For centuries, milk has been considered the healthiest and noblest food that can be ingested. The reality is that milk damages the body of millions of people, due to lactose intolerance. Although it must be acknowledged that others feel comfortable drinking milk and it does not harm them. Milk is currently being studied by medicine to know for sure how good or how harmful it can be. Headaches are not serious

Headaches are so popular (even more so among women) that many believe they should not be taken seriously. While not all headaches are dangerous, some are a symptom that something is wrong with your body. The headaches that deserve the most attention are those that are accompanied by nausea, vomiting and dizziness. In these cases, medical attention should be immediate.

To Reduce the Volume of the Abdomen you Have to do Abdominal Exercises

Abdominals tone the abdomen but do not reduce its volume. If you want to reduce the volume of your abdomen you should do cardio exercises such as walking, running or cycling. You should also follow a healthy diet.

Cirrhosis is Due Exclusively to Alcoholism

That’s not true. In addition to alcoholism, cirrhosis can be caused by Hepatitis B or Hepatitis drinking a glass of red wine every day benefits the functioning of the heart

That’s right. Red wine lowers cholesterol, generating vasodilation, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Remember that drinking a glass of wine every day is enough, you don’t need to drink more. Diabetes can be cured if it is treated properly

It’s not true. Unfortunately, diabetes is still incurable. Although it can be controlled if you take the right medication, eat healthily and exercise.Women tolerate pain better than men

False. Pain is subjective and depends on individual physical and psychological factors. Therefore, pain cannot be “measured” between one person and another.

As you can see, health and media have a powerful influence on us because we tend to believe everything that is broadcast on television, the internet, radio, social networks, etc. It is advisable to analyze the information we have, investigate and make a consultation with a health professional to remove all the doubts.

Health and media can cause confusion in people due to the diffusion of much information, which is sometimes contradictory and instead of helping, misleading. The best thing to do is to think critically and analyze carefully the information you have.


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