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Top Fascinating Health Research Topics to Read to Change Your Life


It is true what they say. Knowledge is power. With countless information out there, what is interesting enough to take the time to read about and learn? Health Research has such a wide variety of topics to choose from.  With a little research, you can read about anything that sparks your interest. The following are some topics of today you may be interested in following.

Neuroscience Research/ Cancer Research

 An incredible discovery was made to help fight cancers in the brain. Scientists have finally been able to get through brain barriers to effectively combat brain tumors. Before a brain cancer diagnosis was almost a death sentence. With the latest research, they may have found a way to get through our brain’s built in defenses to affectively remove cancer located in our brains. More studies are being done in hopes to improve survival rates.   If they could solve this for an organ as complex as our brain, What can they learn to do for our other organs? There may soon be a way to eliminate all forms of organ cancers.  

HIV Research.

About 6 years ago amfAR started their Countdown to a Cure Initiative. This was research planned designed to invest about $100 million in HIV/AIDS research by 2020 with the hope to truly understand how to kill the disease. Once this goal is reached, they intend to start implementing trial periods of their findings. What has this company found? Could there be a cure in the near future? Follow their research this year to see what happens.  If you are currently sexually active, make sure to get tested every 4-6 months to help stop the spread of HIV.

World Health Organization News and Research

 The World has begun the decade of disease elimination. From 2020 to 2030 health Organizations across the globe intend on eliminating major diseases from populations these diseases inflict. Their hopes to do this are based on the last decade of profound research and new information they have learned about these diseases. One snag they have reached is, they are not fully on track for eliminating HIV/ AIDS, HEP-C and other STI’s in infected populations. Keep following this research to find out how far they have come and where they are going in the next few years.

Health and Fitness

Check out the top trends to stay in shape this year. They include but not limited to;

  • Yoga
  • Fitness Tracking Equipment
  • Circuit Training
  • Becoming a Fitness Trainor/ Health Coach
  • Pole Dancing
  • And much more.

Research top ways to stay in shape this year to find what works for you. You may find something you love, that you have never given a try. They only way to succeed in your fitness goals is to research and try out different things only keeping the ones that work for you. Have fun while doing it! You can also find out which trends are no longer trending.

Smoking Cessation Research

 Research suggests that the prevalence of smoking in certain situations and groups is decreasing. Some examples of what this means include; that the number of people who smoke has decreased, the number of underage smokers has decreased, the amount people smoke in public has decreased and much more. Track this research on smoking cessation and how you Cn help others quit.

Cannabis Research

The first Congressional Hearing on Cannabis focuses on research on cannabis. This includes research on health benefits, addictive qualities, and much more. The hearing revolves around the policies to implement for the next ten years. You can find more research on this online or many cannabis blogs. Keep following to learn your rights on Cannabis Use.

Addiction to Health Research.

Throughout 2020 there will be multiple conferences from different organizations focusing on addiction. They will range in topics on research on Neuroscience and addiction, preventative measures, more treatment options and more. If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, there is help. Research on addiction has come along way and their hopes are to bring it farther for this decade starting this year in 2020.

Technology and Health Research

Technology has drastically changed in the last couple of decades and continues to do so at a rapid pace. If you like technology, think about researching the new tech being created to alter the way we use the medicine. Research shows machines are learning how to make treatment plans for patients based on their records and more. In robotics, there are even machines performing small surgeries. Where will technology bring us after this?  All in all, these are 7 of the most interesting topics you should look up in Health Research.  With some light reading and research, you may find something that changes you or someone else’s life.  Knowledge is power. Enjoy!


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