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What are the Signs of Alcoholism?


Alcoholism is a person that is pretty addicted to alcohol. It won’t matter whether it is a cheap beer or a cocktail mixed with lots of ingredients. You know those things still contain alcohol and that is never a good thing. Besides, it can lead to liver cancer somewhere down the line.

Thus, better avoid getting drawn into alcohol. If you are always with a bunch of people who likes to go to bars then don’t go with them anymore. They are a bad influence on your life and it would be in your best interest to change the friends you have. Don’t wait until it is too late before you do something.

It is for the good of your future and your children’s future. You would not want your grandchildren to grow up with having a grandparent to look up to. When you notice signs of alcoholism, you don’t notice getting addicted to it. Here are some signs that you should notice quickly:

Inability to Decline Alcohol

When you are at a bar, you will encounter bartenders who will invite you to a drink or two. If you can’t seem to decline them, then that is a major sign that you are addicted to it.

In life, you are going to encounter all sorts of people. There are people who will invite you to drink and they just want you to get drunk so they can know more things about you. It is no secret that everyone acts differently when they are drunk. It is never good when that happens though because you may wake up and all your personal valuables are all gone.

It would be best to decline invites to drink alcohol especially if you need to go to work early the next day. When you drink too much alcohol, there is a huge possibility you are going to be late.

Intoxicated Often

When you lose control of yourself, the number one cause of that is alcohol. If it happens to you quite often, there is no doubt you drink too many alcoholic drinks. In fact, that is going to be bad for your reputation as people around you will recognize you as an alcoholic.

This is a signal that you must change consuming too much alcohol. It is alright to do it frequently but not too much in such a way that you can’t even count the number of beers you drank.

Feeling Tired

When you drink too much alcohol, you are going to feel tired faster than usual. It is one of those nasty effects of consuming too many alcoholic drinks. Yes, there are really no good effects that come from drinking alcohol. Thus, you will never meet a good person who will recommend you to do that. Before you know it, you are going to be running low on-resistance and you are not even old yet.

When you are feeling tired, you won’t be productive that day. That won’t be good for your work performance as your productivity at the office will go down. When there are a lot of colleagues who basically do the same thing, your company won’t find the need for you and it won’t be long before you lose your job.

Feeling Depressed

You are going to feel sad for no apparent reason. You will end up feeling how bad life has been to you. Instead of thinking of all the positive things that happened in your life, you are going to think of the negative ones.

Unfortunately, depression leads to a lot of unhealthy things and suicide is the worst of them. It can even lead to binge eating which means you end up eating more than what your body can normally consume. It will only be a matter of time before you become overweight and you become a magnet for diseases. Before you know it, you will spend a night confined at the nearest hospital and that is never a good thing.

There are a lot of healthy alternatives to alcohol like fruit juices and yogurt shakes. After all, these drinks taste just as good but without all those negative effects that you must worry about. You can even bond with your friends while drinking those healthy drinks.


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